Is rum finally finding a place among the world’s top and respected beverages?

According to a report by the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers’ Association (WIRSPA)  the outlook is very good.

In its report A Decade of Rum, the WIRSPA analysed the rum culture all over the world and deduced that there is an interest in all styles of rum: white, golden, dark, flavored and spiced.

Contributing to rum’s golden future, says the report, are: the wide variety of rums which gives it a universal appeal and the resurgence of cocktail culture.

“This return of the cocktail culture is undoubtedly an important driver in rum’s growth across a range of markets over the last decade. Bartenders are constantly innovating and looking for new flavours. They have moved from using white rums in cocktails to aged and premium rums. In turn, this has introduced new consumers to these styles of rum and encouraged them to experiment more in the rum category,” the report said.

The increasing sophistication of consumers’ palate for beverages is also cited as a factor.

“In most markets, consumers are becoming increasingly educated about food and drink – they are constantly seeking out new trends and flavours from around the globe. Provenance in this arena is playing an ever-increasing part in consumer choice.”